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Sharing Stories from my patients

After 3 miscarriages and 2 failed attempts at IVF, Hui helped me achieve my dream of conceiving my second child naturally at 43 years of age. I believe acupuncture assisted in lowering my stress levels and increasing my fertility rate. Hui's continued support allowed me to have a very healthy pregnancy, resulting in a natural birth at full term. I respect this modality and believe its varied health benefits can assist every body at every stage of life. --Janet L from Brisbane

I have been attending acupuncture sessions with Dr Hui Xu for the past 7 months, to help mostly with intense anxiety but also lack of energy, hot flushes and memory vagueness. I am a great believer in the benefits of the Chinese Medicine and the philosophy of acupuncture. I feel such a great improvement both physically and mentally, my body has a renewed sense of balance, I am calm and feel much more happy, positive and strong. I’m no longer stricken with anxiety and nervousness that lasted all day for a few days a week. I feel confident once again and my energy levels are better. I would not hesitate to recommend the acupuncture sessions of Dr Hui to help restore health and wellbeing and assist the body in returning to its natural balance. Many thanks Dr Hui for your great work. --Debbie C from Brisbane

I have been having acupuncture treatment with Hui over the last one and half years for my stress, energy, digestion and general health and wellbeing. I feel like my body responds really well from each acupuncture treatment I have with Hui. My symptoms decrease and my whole system is more balanced. As a Registered Nurse myself I have full confidence in Hui's thorough knowledge and experience, and that her origins are from traditional Chinese Medicine. She is my go-to recommendation. --Maria G from Brisbane

I have been seeing Hui for a couple of years now. I first went to see her as I had 3 bulging discs and nothing else was working. My pain was so great that I couldn't even lie on the bed face down. When we started I saw her twice a week for quite a few weeks. Each time I could walk out of the surgery a little straighter and easier than the time before. We now manage my back with regular treatments to keep it stable. I am so grateful for all Hui's help, I was so scared at the beginning of the treatment, due to both the pain and also the needles, but with Hui's gentle manner she quickly put me at ease and got me to relax. I have recommended Hui to family and friends, as I believe that she is the reason I am so well today. Thank you for everything Hui. Blessings. --Linda S from Brisbane

I started seeing Hui around 2013 for fertility related issues. After my first treatment, I was amazed at how acupuncture helped with my general stress and anxiety levels. Hui was fully engaged in my journey to become a mother and tailored treatments to help with fertility and to ready my body for IVF treatment. After successful embryo transfers, Hui continued to tailor treatments to help maintain my pregnancy and provided emotional support and reassurance. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Hui to others on a similar journey. I believe without Hui’s treatment, I may not have been as lucky to welcome a daughter into this world. --Beth K from Roma, Qld

I have been seen Hui for acupuncture treatment since 2015. Her care has nursed my exhausted body for 4 years of breastfeeding and several miscarriages through to another healthy and uneventful pregnancy, natural birth (I was 42), post birth support and more breastfeeding. Going to Hui every month (and sometimes more often) has been the one thing in these 4 years that has sustained my energy and my state through the hormonal, emotional and physically demanding phases with three young children. Hui is gentle and easy to talk. Her treatment has given me much relief from tight shoulders, lower back pain and hip pain to less anxiety and better sleep. Hui is incredibly supportive and caring. She must be the only clinician who cheerfully accommodated my infant/toddler/young children in the room as there were no other ways I could have made those appointments on my own throughout these early years when a mother needed this depth of understanding the most. Thank you Hui, Kittie D 2019 from Brisbane

Dr Hui Xu

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